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Change Management

Change Management

Allow projects to perform better by mentoring team members through changes to technology 

Workflow & Process

Workflow and Process

Digital Project Delivery introduces additional workflow and process demands

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

Leverage the full benefits of BIM & VDC and watch your project performance soar

Skills Gap Analysis

Skill Gap Analysis

Identify your team's skills and understand how to manage the gaps with training, coaching, and best practices



Align workflow and process with industry-specific best practices to leverage BIM/VDC and other technology



Custom training for BIM/VDC project participants

Level of Maturity

BIM Level of Maturity

Plan for success

Comprehensive analysis of your current situation and BIM maturity. Our process involves collecting the relevant information that we need to analyze your project delivery workflow. From this we establish a baseline of maturity that is used to set target levels of adoption. The team’s engagement can be scaled according to your needs, ranging from specific project involvement through to overall project delivery workflow development.


Regular reporting is a key element of modern project management. Assessments and evaluations indicate a point in time and provide background to the skills gap analysis and training plans.

Project Triage

Project Diagnostics

Project Diagnostics

Our project support team uses the latest diagnostics tools to scrape your models for actionable info. You wouldn't believe some of the things they've seen! Your data is always treated with the utmost respect.

Just-in-time support

Our entire support team is ready to help with your project challenges. Working above the threshold of typical reseller or software support teams, our experts have relevant industry experience and will often work with you directly to develop custom solutions where out-of-the-box answers often fall short.

Digital Practice Leadership

BIM Management

Bespoke BIM Management

Whether firm-wide, a single studio, or a single project, we specialize in custom planning for implementation and support. Our services include strategic planning that matches process workflows to tasks and goals, further leveraging your Building Information Modelling.

White-glove service for everyone

Our main focus is your continued success in the constantly-expanding world of digital project delivery.

Consulting on all aspects of project delivery from team structure to content development, we support your firm in all aspects of project delivery while managing the complexity of the solution and abilities of your project team. 

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