What We Do


AEOS is a BIM and VDC consulting firm working at improving the process of digital project delivery for the AECO industry. We know the importance of maintaining a productive working environment, our tailored solutions consider all aspects of project work and we will work with you to minimize disruption in the course of providing our services.

Our strength lies in the way we apply our depth of knowledge in BIM and VDC methods to your current process and develop meaningful solutions supported by emergent technology. At all stages of the project we strive to collaborate more closely and remove the barriers to improve project success.   

Our Experience

Our consulting professional team has substantial industry experience in the production, implementation and training of staff on the digital project delivery workflow, standards and best practices. 

This knowledge allows us to deliver a service that not only provides you with industry best practice but also creates a process that results in efficiency and quality control.

The Need for Change

In an ever-developing industry, there are many challenges faced in successfully delivering projects including client demands, project deadlines, and budgeting constraints.

Combined with the ever-evolving technological advancements, today's AEC Design firms face many challenges. Having an efficient workflow and resources to aid production are crucial to a firm's success.