Service #1 - Assessment


Our team has substantial industry experience to assess your existing workflow and processes of project production. Understanding the current workflow and the goals, vision and objectives allow us to assess your organizations Digital Project Delivery capabilities.


This knowledge allows us to assess your current situation and identify areas of improvement and barriers inhibiting success. 

Service #2 - Implementation


Empowering your team is the foundation of a successful organization. 

The development of complimentary processes and workflows utilizing Building Information Modeling designed to improve efficiency and quality of your deliverable.


From conceptual design through to contract administration and beyond, we can help you take advantage of rapidly developing technology to strengthen your company.

Service #3 - BIM Support


Project triage consists of assessing and evaluating the current status of a project and reporting on the existing state of the project.


Assessment results then help us in the development of a road map for bringing the project back on track by providing guidance, minimizing risk and reducing project in-efficiency.      

Additional Services


Digital Practice Consulting

To ensure continued success the Implementation and Digital Project Delivery team have extensive project execution experience and in all phases of projects as well as experienced instructors skilled in communication and leadership. Our experienced team draws upon experiences and hands-on project delivery knowledge to ensure your project teams success.

Consulting on all aspects of project delivery from team structure to content development, supporting your firm in all aspects of project delivery either on-demand as required according to the needs of the project, the complexity of the project and abilities of your project team. 

BIM Maturity Assessment

Comprehensive analysis of your current situation and BIM maturity. Our process involves quickly collecting the relevant information that we need to analyze the project delivery workflow. From this information, we can establish a baseline of maturity that is used to set target levels of adoption. The team’s engagement can be scaled according to your needs ranging from specific project involvement through to overall project delivery workflow development.

Strategic Planning

The most crucial part of any implementation process is planning. 

Understanding the current workflow and the organization's goals, vision and objectives allow us to develop a comprehensive strategy outlining a successful implementation.  Our implementation team has extensive knowledge in implementing digital practice at an organizational level including projects of all scope and sizes. 

Change Management

Change is a complex and difficult process that requires knowledge and understanding of how to successfully implement change. Understanding BIM and it's the impact on operations is crucial to successfully implementing the change to a digital Project Delivery Workflow. 

Consulting on Change Management requires an understanding of the process involved with change, the expectations, solutions, impacts, and consequences. We diagnose employee’s resistance to change and outline a communication strategy and initiatives that minimize disruption and maximize employee retention and encourages personal development. 

Standards, Workflow and Process

Clearly outlining standards and providing resources are crucial to enabling a BIM organization to maintain forward direction and consistency in the execution of a project. 

Communicating a clear direction and providing the right resources encourages adoption and eases the transition from a previously broken process. With a clear workflow, outlining the process instills confidence in the staff during the implementation process. 

Skill Gap Analysis

Establishing a baseline of skills and knowledge of both the role and BIM applications (including Revit) are the foundation for education of an individual or team. Training sessions delivered by the digital implementation team are designed to educate the stakeholders and staff members so everyone is aware and confident that implementation will have on the entire organization's workflow.  We offer group and individual training specific to the results of a skills and knowledge assessment. 

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Enhance the process and workflows involved in delivering AEC projects using applied technology. Through assessing specific needs, recommendations based upon the best possible solutions, and ongoing support of the integration of new technologies, processes and workflows.

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Our goal is to help you successfully deliver projects efficiently, effectively and profitably. 

We help design firms become profitable, provide a competitive advantage and retain key staff by improving a firm's virtual design workflow in the age of digital delivery. 

Digital Project Delivery Maturity Assessment

Through a detailed analysis of workflow from design to final delivery, we assess and make recommendations designed to improve the process and workflow of  how your projects are delivered.